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ACSM Certified
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ACSM Certified Personal Trainer®

Make a Difference. Join the Leading Team.

Want to give others the guidance and strength to lead a healthy lifestyle? With an ACSM certification you will make an impact on the lives of others.

The ACSM Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) is qualified to plan and implement exercise programs for healthy individuals or those who have medical clearance to exercise. The CPT facilitates motivation and adherence as well as develops and administers programs designed to enhance muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, cardiorespiratory fitness, body composition, and/or any of the motor skills related components of physical fitness.

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Professional sports medicine certification began with us.

Founded in 1954, the American College of Sports Medicine was the first organization to certify health fitness professionals. As a leader in the industry, ACSM establishes the exercise guidelines that all other certifications use for training and certification, and therefore, we continue to set what we like to call "the Gold Standard."

As a non-profit institution, we are driven by our commitment to education and practical applications of exercise science and sports medicine. Our certifications are the backbone of organization, and we want to provide you with the tools and support needed to make sure you have a successful career in health and fitness. 

Prepare for Your Exam

Download the exam content outline.

The exam content outline is the blueprint for the personal trainer certification examination. Every question on the exam is associated with one of the knowledge or skill statements that can be found in the Personal Trainer Exam Content Outline. Download the document today and you'll also find the percentage of questions within each domain of the exam. ACSM also offers the option of three study books that will provide candidates with the utmost area knowledge. Invest in all three for full-spectrum comprehension and practice tests.

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ACSM's Resources for The Personal Trainer / $75.99
ACSM's Guidelines for Exercise Testing & Prescription / $46.99
ACSM's Certification Review / $48.99
Complete Study Kit: Buy all Three & Save / $146.03

prepU: Not Your Typical Study Guide

More than just a booklet with the same questions for all users, prepU offers a personalized and unique approach to studying. The online program takes an inventory of your proficiency and adapts its questions to make sure you are focusing on the weak areas - sort of like a Personal Trainer for studying. Learn more!

Schedule Your Exam

ACSM tests are scheduled through Pearson VUE, an organization that administers more than 5,000 computer-based testing centers throughout the world. Once you are ready to schedule your exam at one of several testing centers, follow the link below to visit the Pearson VUE site to find you preferred date and location. New visitors will have to make an account with Pearson VUE before scheduling. If you have any questions, you can contact us at 800-486-5643. For questions directly related to your exam scheduling, please call Pearson VUE at 888-883-2276.

ACSM Members: email certification@acsm.org to request your Member Discount Voucher. Include your member ID, specify which exam you plan to take, and include information about any applicable degree and clinical hour requirements.

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