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ACSM Webinars

ACSM offers numerous webinars to meet candidates' busy lifestyle. At your convenience sign up for a full six-week series or a single session. Our best professionals discuss a range of material relevant to all of our certification areas from clinical to health fitness. With ACSM's webinars the latest research and information from all areas of interests are at your fingertips.

Newest Webinars

Wheat Foods and ACSM Presents: Carbohydrates, Performance & Weight Loss: Is Low the Way to Go or the Way to Bonk?
Low carbohydrate diets are far from new. The Paleolithic Diet, Atkins Diet, the Dukan Diet, and to a certain extent, the gluten-free craze all limit carbohydrates either intentionally or because the recommended choices limit carbohydrate intake by default. Most consumers gravitate toward low carb diets to manage body weight, while others choose gluten-free or follow a Paleolithic diet because they believe it's healthier. Even endurance athletes including triathletes, marathoners, ultra-runners are turning to low carbohydrate diets believing that this will enhance performance by increasing fat burning efficiency.

Polar and ACSM Present: Heart Rate Based Training Part 2: How to Maximize the use of Wearable Technology
Is wrist based heart rate monitoring as accurate as chest based heart rate monitoring? This and many other questions that were posed in part 1 - Train Smarter, Not Harder, will be answered in this webinar from ACSM and Polar on heart rate based training. Wearable technology is becoming more and more popular today. This session will also explore various uses of wearable technology and how it can be used to enhance training programs.

ACSM's 2016 Webinar Bundle
This bundle includes:

  • ACSM and ENC Present: Nutritional Myths and Practices of the Elite Athlete: Implications for Active, Non-Elite Performance
  • Soyfoods Association and ACSM Present: Challenges for providing protein for the aging to support nutrition & health needs
  • ENC and ACSM Present: Optimal Recovery: Practical Recommendations for the Recreational Athlete
  • DuPont and ACSM Present: Blending proteins to build muscle: What does the research tell us?
  • Heart Rate Based Training: Train Smarter not Harder - Polar Webinar

ACSM and ENC Present: Nutritional Myths and Practices of the Elite Athlete: Implications for Active, Non-Elite Performance
Competitive athletes have come to understand the benefits of good nutrition to athletic performance. With the dramatic growth in the number of Sports RDs, and the increased number of teams in both the collegiate and professional ranks employing nutrition professionals, today's athlete is much more versed on the importance of diet to success on the field than were athletes of a generation ago. This is not to say, however, that athletes don't or can't fall prey to exotic claims for nutritional products, diets, and supplements that promise enhanced performance, improved physique, or other physical benefits. Through scientific data and anecdotal information culled from real life examples of elite athletes' dietary practices, this session will provide information on diets, foods, and supplements that have been proven to enhance physical performance, as well as nutritional practices of dubious efficacy. Information on how the non-elite, physically active person can use diet to their advantage will also be discussed.

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   Despite the relative lack of attention in comparison to heart disease, there is good information available about how exercise can improve symptoms of PAD-caused claudication.   
Mark A. Patterson, M. Ed.
ACSM Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist
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May 10, 2018

Is the Ketogenic Diet a Quick Fix to Weight Loss?

The ketogenic diet may not be the quick fix to weight loss that individuals are looking for. Typically, the diet only works for weight loss in the short term, and it can be unhealthy.

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