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Blog / 2012 / July / Personal Trainer Apps
July 4, 2012

Personal Trainer Apps

by Admin

The American College of Sports Medicine has long been the "Gold Standard" in fitness research, education, certification, and recruiter requirements. The field of health and fitness is one of the most important in the world, because everyone has their own personal health goals. Professionals in the field can be at the top of their game in practice, in education, and execution in their clients' health programs. In health, awareness is key. Sometimes, the media gets the attention of consumers before health professionals can inform them of the latest advanced research. Also, professionals must remember to continually remind, refocus, and advise clients in order to improve lifestyles and motivate them to the next level. Luckily, technology is advancing in our field so that we can help track and account for the other twenty-three hours in the day that we are not with clients. A few health and fitness apps we find to be useful are LoseIt, FitOrbit, and FitBit.

Lose It - a completely free app that you can input your health goals and it will set a daily caloric budget for you to track your intake and activity to help with health management.

FitOrbit - An online support system using real trainers customizing nutrition plans and workout programs designed specifically for the individual's goals. Exercise programs come with full instruction and communication between trainer and client is smooth and consistent.

FitBit - is an easy to use device that clips to your "belt" or waistband to track your steps for the day. The recharger is also a dock that syncs to your PC and/or Mac which is great. They also have an app to track calories and sleep patterns for a more well-rounded lifestyle.

ACSM has not only provided the best nationally-recognized professionals, but have worked closely with Washington, D.C.-based programs such as AFI and EIM to get this country moving and improve its worldwide health rating. Coming together as health professionals in pursuit of national health means we can achieve our national goals competing together, rather than divided between industry and trade. Let's track progress together!

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