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Blog / 2012 / November / Body Weight Exercise Movement Gains Momentum
November 18, 2012

Body Weight Exercise Movement Gains Momentum

by Admin

ACSM recently released its list of fitness trends for 2013. Topping the list was "Educated, Certified and Experienced Fitness Professionals", a sure sign that possessing an ACSM-certification in an exponentially growing marketplace will continue to gain importance as educational opportunities increase due to the needs of the larger society.


However, what made a larger splash was the first-ever appearance of "Body Weight Exercises" on the list. Body Weight Exercises are a basic fitness approach that require minimal amounts of equipment. The financial benefit of Body Weight Exercises comes from the need for little to no equipment-an important factor as the worldwide economic recovery continues to prove sluggish.

While everyone knows about push-ups and pull-ups from their elementary gym class, there are a number of other body weight exercises that are lesser-known but just as easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

Body Weight Exercises

  • Wall Sit - A workout for your legs also known as the "invisible chair", this involves your knees being bent at 90-degrees, with your back flush against a wall. A few sets of these, and you'll be ready for a visible chair.
  • Dolphin Push Up - Beginning from a modified "plank" position in which your forearms are on the ground, a Dolphin Push Up works your chest and arms while you extend towards and then away from the ground.
  • Reverse Crunches - To workout your body's core, these start from the familiar position of the sit-up or crunch. Instead of moving your upper body, bring your legs together and pull them towards your chest.
  • Mountain Climbers - You don't even need a hill to do these, just enough floor-space to spread out. Mountain Climbers work your core by beginning from a push-up's up position, while alternating your feet up & down. Don't try these on an actual mountain!\
  • Triceps Dip - Place your hands and feet flat on the floor and raise your rear-end. You can do these with one or two hands depending on the degree of difficulty you're looking for. Bend your elbows to raise and lower your mid-section to the floor and back up.

These are just a few body weight exercises that require only one piece of equipment beyond a floor or wall-your body! What are your favorite body weight exercise workouts? Share your tips and tricks about one of 2013's fitness trends below.


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