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Blog / 2012 / October / Do Quick Workouts Bring Real Results?
October 8, 2012

Do Quick Workouts Bring Real Results?

by Admin

You may have seen the recent article where ACSM affirms the benefits of short-duration exercise. Beyond promoting weight loss and stress reduction, multiple short sessions of fitness training per week, whether it's high or moderate-intensity, can have the same effects as longer, more typical blocks of exercise. While even a low-intensity short workout is better than not moving at all, high-intensity, short bursts of exercise could mean individuals can spend less time overall working out.

Exercise Balls

However, if you only have ten minutes to exercise, an exercise plan is a necessity, since wasting three or four minutes constitutes half of your available time! Check out some following quick workout tips, at varied intensities, that may be effective for your busiest clients-or just individuals looking for a quick break from their regular work routine!

  • Like cardio and muscle sculpting work? This routine from Fitness Magazine requires only two five-pound dumbbells, and best of all, you only need enough room to lunge and extend your legs.
  • The ten-minute workout from Men's Fitness uses only your bodyweight as resistance. Composed of squats, crunches, pushups, and the "Mountain Climber"-it does require you to lay on the floor, so make sure your client has a low-traffic area in which to get horizontal.
  • Focused on core strength, this five-step routine from Good Housekeeping does require an exercise ball-which can also double as an office chair! Ball exercises also work the muscles of the back, which are essential to developing a strong core.
  • For those interested in low-impact, low-intensity exercise, but who still want to get out of their seat, Shape Magazine's ten-minute yoga program might be a perfect fit. The four poses emphasize correct posture, deep breathing, and stress-relief-which might make it the perfect mid-day break, or prelude to ten-minutes of a more intense workout!

Of course, ten-minute workouts are only limited by your imagination, as well as the equipment and space needed. We'd love to hear about your creative solutions designed for busy clients on the go. Whether it's a hotel room, office hallway, apartment courtyard, or other small space; feel free to share your quick workout tips and ideas below.


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