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Blog / 2012 / October / Expanding Waistlines, Expanding Job Opportunities
October 15, 2012

Expanding Waistlines, Expanding Job Opportunities

by Admin

Despite all the recent confusing job reports, one thing is clear. As Americans continue to suffer from an obesity epidemic, the opportunity for employment in fitness-related industries will continue to rise. Currently, over one-third of American adults qualify as obese, which must play a large part in a recent Bureau of Labor Statistics report that estimates fitness-industry employment will rise 24% by the year 2020.

As a current, or future health and fitness professional, ACSM certifications provide an instantly recognizable, established standard that will continue to be reputable in the growing fitness industry. Adding certifications means expanding your areas of expertise-something that never hurts in a growing job market, and could lead to new opportunities.

Check out some of our certifications that will apply to the growing need for improving American lifestyles in the name of health:

  • Certified Personal Trainer - advance your understanding of health and fitness, while working to enhance quality of life, as well as promoting healthy behavior changes that have a lasting effect. Motivate individuals to improve muscular strength and endurance, cardiorespiratory fitness, and many more aspects of physical health.
  • Group Exercise Instructor - learn how to plan fundamental fitness activities for individuals and groups. With a focus on safe and effective programs that foster group camaraderie and physical fitness, becoming a GEI can empower you to help change an entire group's quality of life.
  • Exercise is Medicine - work closely with the established medical community to promote general public health. Health care providers need exercise professionals to work with a wide range of individuals, from the healthy to ones that require clinical support, each requiring direct support on their path to improved health.
  • ACSM/NCHPAD Certified Inclusive Fitness Trainer - allows you to further empower and focus on supporting and developing a healthy and comfortable lifestyle for disability-challenged individuals. Adapted methods of training, as well as adherence to American Disability Act requirements will allow you to provide expert recommendations, while promoting understanding on an individual basis.

As you can see from just a few of our certifications-obesity isn't the only challenge that fitness professionals will face in the near future. From navigating the changing healthcare landscape to working with individuals of all levels of health, additional ACSM certification can provide the expertise, training, and support required to face future fitness challenges head-on.

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