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August 14, 2013

Marketing Yourself Online is a Workout: Get in Shape with These Social Media Tips.

by Admin

If you're like many fitness & health professionals, you are likely engaging with your clients on Facebook, and you may also be blogging to promote your services online.

But could you be doing more?

Social Media Marketing is a great way for fitness & health instructors to motivate existing clients (and recruit new ones!). To be successful, however, takes training, commitment, and hard work. Sound familiar?

Whether you just inspire on Facebook or if you have a blog that you post workouts to regularly, the following 4 steps can help you increase your influence online, which could result in more business offline.

1. Don't be Camera Shy

The Internet likes pictures and videos, and pictures that motivate and inspire healthy living are very popular online!

Use yourself (and the hard work you've put into your own fitness goals) and lead by example by sharing photos of yourself in action.

And get creative by stepping outside of the gym or studio. Whether you are doing lunges on a sandy beach, lifts in a parking lot, or a yoga pose under a tree, creative photos that inspire and that showcase your unique personality and perspective will result in more shares and more leads.

2. Share what Inspires & Motivates You

However many photos of yourself in action you share online, share other content not related to promoting yourself and your own services more. Whether you share other inspiring fitness photos, nutrition news or inspirational quotes, your fans and readers will appreciate the high quality content and will end up being inspired by what inspires you.

3. Be a Resource - Start a Blog

You've dedicated yourself as an ACSM-certified professional, and through your experience have adopted your own special and unique way. You are your own brand, and it is time for you to share your insights with your clients (and future clients).

Blogging is a great first step to cultivating your own voice as a resource to your clients and fans; you'll be surprised of how much your network wants to hear what you have to say. And blogging isn't just about writing words. Video (vlogs) and audio (podcasts) are both great ways to get your voice heard on blogs.

The key to success, however, is offering something of value. Make sure the content you produce is something that someone will benefit from.

4. Be Accessible

Lastly, make sure you are accessible to those who may want to use your services! If you use social media only, have an email address visible on your profile page. If you have a website, avoid contact forms, and include an email address on your home page. If you're concerned about security, set up a free email account (such as Gmail) that you use only for this purpose. Make sure you check your email regularly and respond quickly!

If you'd like to learn more about how to market yourself as an ACSM-certified professional using social media, consider attending the FitSocial Conference September 26-29, 2013.

ACSM-certified professionals are offered a $200 discount off of registration, and attending costs only $95-and are also eligible to receive 11.0 CEC.

To learn more, visit FitSocial, and when you register, register as an "Industry Blogger" with "ACSM" in the comment section of your registration form.

Cindy Molchany is the online community manager and marketing manager for various niche blogging conferences, including the Fitness & Health Social Media Conference, which is taking place Sept 26-29, 2013 in Colorado. Cindy has spent years working with brands of all size as a social media consultant, but now enjoys working with individual bloggers on a day-to-day basis help them find their voice and share their passions with the world.

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