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June 5, 2013

ACSM Profile: Kelly Drew, Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist

by Admin

Another entry in our ongoing series of profiles! Get to know the people behind the certification. Know an ACSM member who should be profiled? Drop us a line!

Kelly Drew, MS, ACSM-Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist (RCEP)
Clinical Exercise Physiologist at Community Bariatric Surgeons in Indianapolis, IN

Get extra insight about ACSM-Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologists and
Kelly Drew's career in this new video.

What does your job as Clinical Exercise Physiologist involve?

I educate patients pre-operatively about the role of exercise in weight loss, and meet with patients post-operatively and help them design an exercise program. I also teach several exercise classes for patients throughout the week.

How has ACSM certification improved your job performance, increased your level of expertise, or changed the way you go about your job?

ACSM certification has validated that I have the expert knowledge and guidelines to safely and effectively design exercise programs for all of my (very different) types of high risk patients. Since I have designed the bariatric exercise program from the ground up, ACSM certification has allowed me to create a program based on scientifically-researched methods and guidelines-meaning I can safely guide my patients through daily exercise to help them achieve amazing results.

What's your favorite part about teaching others about health and fitness?

I love seeing success. Being in the health and fitness field, we can truly impact others' lives for the better. What we are doing is helping other people reach their goals, and there is nothing that feels better than to see someone that you have helped be able to do something they never thought they could! This is especially true with bariatric patients, when they progress from not being able to walk a single mile, to losing 100 pounds and running a half marathon!

What's your favorite healthy snack?  

I love whole, natural almonds! A handful of almonds in the afternoon holds me over until dinner, and gives me energy to teach my exercise classes.

Do you have any other advice for anyone considering ACSM certification?  

Look at the benefits of certification, and know that getting certified through ACSM will allow you to have the top certification in the field. ACSM certification is not only considered the best, but will open up many doors for you in your chosen career field.

Why ACSM? 

Because I always want to do everything to be the BEST in my field, and with ACSM, I can be the best!

Kelly Drew, M.S., is an ACSM Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist with Community Bariatric Surgeons at Community Health Network in Indianapolis, IN. Kelly currently serves on the RCEP Practice Committee for ACSM's Committee on Certification and Registry Boards (CCRB). Kelly is passionate about helping people achieve their health and fitness goals through lifestyle change and exercise intervention. 

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