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Blog / 2013 / June / Switch Up Your Group Exercise Summer Schedule
June 27, 2013

Switch Up Your Group Exercise Summer Schedule

by Admin

During a busy summer it's too easy to fall out of your group exercise fitness routine with interruptions that range from wedding weekends, to days spent at a pool party or work-night evenings at outdoor concerts. Shake up your schedule and try something new for summer-these group classes can help re-fuel and re-focus your fitness habits, whether you're a participant or an instructor. When searching for group training, remember to seek out an ACSM Certified Group Exercise Instructor (GEI) in order to make sure your workout is designed and led in the most productive, up-to-date, and safest way possible. Here's just some of what's hot this summer:

Fusion Classes

Think of fusion classes just like fusion cuisine-only instead of combining two of your favorites on a plate, these classes combine fitness routines, often in order to work-out additional muscle groups. When looking for fusion classes, pick out one activity you're familiar with-this ensures you'll have a shorter learning curve for adjusting to any movements or exercises, instead of having to learn two different routines at once. Check out this article for some examples, like Piloxing or Core Fusion.

Cardio Tennis

If too much of your favorite sport is just standing around-Cardio Tennis might be for you. Instead of being limited to singles or doubles, Cardio Tennis usually has from six to eight players on the court at any given time. The goal of Cardio Tennis classes is to keep participants in their desired target heart rate for the duration of their workout. Besides providing tennis skill training, you'll also experience a workout that is similar in intensity to interval training. And because Cardio Tennis uses "cardio balls", which move slower and are easier to hit, you don't have to be an expert tennis player to enjoy this workout.

Ugi Ball Training

What looks like a hybrid of a traditional medicine ball and a larger exercise ball-one squeeze is all you'll need to know it's a Ugi ball. With an inner texture similar to a beanbag, Ugi balls are weighted but portable, and their "squish" means that they can also be used for balance. A workout with a Ugi ball can combine strength, cardio, and core training into a series of exercises that offer a wide range of possibilities. And, other than the ball itself, and space to workout, no other equipment is needed. Find out more about the Ugi Ball here.

Small Group Personal Training

Not quite ready to make the jump to one-on-one personal training? Small group personal training, or partner training, is another option available from many ACSM Certified Personal Trainers. Sharing your workout with a significant other, friend, or co-worker can help:

  • increase your sense of accountability,
  • provide extra motivation,
  • and save you a few bucks.

Small group personal training can also offer more focused, one-on-one attention than typical group exercise classes, because the class-size is smaller, often just three to five individuals. The icing on top? Small group personal training even offers working benefits for trainers.

Whether you're looking for new group exercise options, or interested in adding additional classes to your GEI portfolio, make this summer the season you branch out. Share a new group exercise experience you've had this summer, or what you're looking forward to trying or teaching in the comments below.

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