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Blog / 2015 / July / How To Pass Your ACSM Certification Exam
July 1, 2015

How To Pass Your ACSM Certification Exam

by Admin

You're almost there! You've done the research, and chose to pursue the gold standard of health fitness certifications. You've taken stock of any pre-requisites, and considered your options. You've decided which ACSM certification best fits your career and personal goals; whether it's a fitness, clinical, or specialty certification. Now it's time to put in the work, pass your ACSM certification exam, and strengthen your career opportunities.

But first? You've got to show you have what it takes to be ACSM certified. Here's how to pass your ACSM certification exam:

What's On The Test?

Your ACSM certification exam won't be a mystery - we expect our certified professionals to emerge with a validated knowledge base and mastery of key concepts. For each exam, first download and print the ACSM Exam Content Outline.

This is a map to your test, with content tailored specifically for each certification. You'll find the domains that make up the day-to-day duties of an ACSM certified health fitness pro, as well as the percentage of the exam that pulls from each domain. Within each domain, you'll find knowledge and skill statements that exam questions are based around.

Got your exam content outline? Now it's time to...

Hit The Books

You know what you need to know - now it's time to learn, review, and repeat. Whether you need a refresher course on the knowledge required by your ACSM certification, or are just at the starting line, the evidence-based, scientific concepts that back all ACSM certifications can all be found in our recommended textbooks and materials.

Available in print and as e-books, our textbooks are not only comprehensive, but regularly updated with the latest fitness and clinical information. Because ACSM textbooks are optional, you can choose the resources you need - or take advantage of package deals if you're buying multiple books.

Need something more interactive than a textbook? What if you had a...

24/7 Study Partner

Want an extra studying boost that tests your actual knowledge - and automatically adapts to what you've learned? Our interactive quiz platform prepU is just that. Utilizing actual certification material that you're studying or have already learned, prepU adapts to your level of learning. Miss key questions in a specific area and you'll get more questions around that subject. Answer questions correctly, and your next round will including more challenging questions.

PrepU is offered as a subscription - choose the amount of reviewing that you think you'll need, from 3 months to 2 years. And, prepU is available 24/7 and works on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device - so you don't have to worry about finding a 4 a.m. study partner. Currently, prepU is available for the CPT and EP-C exams.

But if you do prefer a study partner, there's...

Extra Help

Prefer to learn person-to-person? ACSM also offers exam preparation workshops as well as distance-learning webinars. ACSM workshops offer 1-to-3 day hands-on learning from seasoned, ACSM-certified experts. Workshops are focused on a single certification, and are designed and programmed specifically to help you pass your upcoming exam.

Can't make an in-person workshop? ACSM also offers 6-week exam preparation webinars hosted by health fitness professionals. Sign up for the entire series, or the specific week(s) that you need the most help with according to your exam needs - you'll also get access to your sessions for 6 months after the date.

Have additional questions as you prepare for your ACSM Certification exam? Make sure to view our FAQ section, or send an email to certification@acsm.org.

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