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Blog / 2016 / February / Meet ACSM Certified Professional Laura Minor
February 11, 2016

Meet ACSM Certified Professional Laura Minor

by Admin

The following is an interview with ACSM Certified Personal Trainer® Laura Minor. Laura is the owner of So.Be.Fit gym in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Why did you choose ACSM?

I chose ACSM because I knew it was the Gold Standard for Health and Fitness Professionals. I knew that in getting this certification it would open many doors due to its great reputation. Was the test hard? Yes! As it should be. I feel that many other certifications may be too "easy" for such an important field.


What do you love about your job?

I am lucky enough to have my business in the same neighborhood as where I have lived for over 15 years. So, it doesn't feel like a job to me, it feels like a community. Every time I teach a class it's more than just a group of people exercising at the same time. It's a group of people that have formed friendships and encourage each other on a regular basis. Feeling that I'm improving the lives of others is extremely rewarding in itself; and I make money doing so!

As a small business owner, how has ACSM certification been valuable to you?

I am happy to say that I have maintained a large group of clients since the day I started doing this 11 years and three locations ago. I started in the 350 square foot basement of a local massage studio; and have expanded to 3,000 square feet, with ACSM under my belt the entire way.

So.Be.Fit Indianapolis

How has your career helped you impact the lives of others?

I grew up incredibly active. Much of it due to my parents also being active and their support. Now both of them, 69 and 75 are still two of the most active people I know. It has been incredible for me to have been able to "return the favor" as they diligently come to 2 classes a week. While they are by far the oldest ones in class, they are equally as fit and it expands into and maintains a very active lifestyle. As a family, we ski every year ride the "Hilly Hundred" among many other activities and it's, in a word, awesome. When someone says that they are too old to do something this simply isn't true.

What do you look for when hiring a trainer?

When I'm hiring trainers and I see ACSM on their resumes, it's a huge point to me that they are hardworking, intelligent, and knowledgeable about fitness, anatomy, and physiology. I cannot tell you how many clients said that they chose So.Be.Fit because we have so many trainers with ACSM credentials. I would never hire anyone without a solid certification but like I said before the ACSM on their resume is pretty much a done deal.

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