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Blog / 2016 / January / Earn, Learn, & Burn at Summit 2016
January 26, 2016

Earn, Learn, & Burn at Summit 2016

by Admin

Thinking about registering for this year's ACSM Health & Fitness Summit & Expo? Here are 5 things to know about this year's event!

1. Who attends?

From students and educators to trainers and club owners, ACSM's annual Summit is designed for all. Bridging the gap between science and practice, inclusive session topics range from exercise programming and nutrition to fitness management and communication, but there are also niche breakouts designed for specific interests. A few examples of special interest topics include:

Make Contacts to Build Relationships: Networking for Success in a World of Opportunities - in this student and young professional session, participants will be led by international presenter Fred Hoffman who will provide valuable tips and resources to help improve networking skills in the health and fitness industry. Participants will leave with a better understanding of how to find employment possibilities, how to plan for career enhancement and growth, and which networking tools are essential for continued professional development.

First-Time Attendee Session - if you are new to Summit, we want to give you a special welcome! Students and newcomers alike will learn from ACSM leaders how to make the most of their time at Summit.

Interactive Workshops - The practical application of new techniques is key to success in health and fitness. Summit's interactive workshops include a half hour of lecture, followed by one hour of hands-on demonstrations. Whether you're interested in kickboxing, bootcamp or power walking, these workshops will teach you the latest techniques to take back to your clients while also allowing you to work up a sweat.

Who attends the ACSM Summit?

2. Hot Topic Panels with Industry Leaders

Designed to keep attendees up to speed on the latest in the health fitness industry, you'll hear industry leaders discuss trending topics and then via Q&A sessions. This year's Hot Topics include:

Extreme Sports and Exercise: What are the Limits? - Len Kravitz and his team will discuss exciting and amazing displays of physical and mental determination in extreme sports and exercise. The panel will then explore the scientific evidence on the physiological demands, effects and risks associated with these events.

Exercise Professional Scope of Practice - The rapidly changing healthcare landscape, continued implementation of the Affordable Care Act and the expanding Exercise is Medicine® initiative are opening up new opportunities for exercise professionals in both the prevention and treatment of chronic health conditions. However, running parallel with these opportunities is the very real danger of stepping outside one's professional scope of practice. This discussion will present perspectives on the scope of practice possibilities for certified health, fitness and clinical exercise professionals, as well as barriers and challenges that professionals might face. Learn how to enhance your toolbox while maximizing your ability to respond to career opportunities.

3. Get Ready to "Step it Up"!

Dr. David Brown from the CDC will lead a session in response to The Surgeon General's Call to Action to promote walking and walkable communities. Dr. Brown will discuss individual and environmental/policy strategies developed in order to increase walking and how this initiative impacts neighborhoods, universities, worksites, parks and more. Discover new evidence and rationale for focusing on walking and learn how to help your clients overcome barriers!

4. Earn Extra credentials!

Not only does Summit offer you the opportunity to earn up to 25 CECs, but you will also have the opportunity to earn extra credentials. Two certification workshops include:

BOSU® Balance Training Certification - Unlock the potential of the BOSU® Balance Trainer with 
this foundational balance training workshop that will provide you with 
a toolbox full of ideas for your club, your classes or your clients. This certification takes you step by step through the BOSU® Complete Workout System, provides you with five full workouts that you can start using right away, and gives you a unique system to help progress, regress or vary any exercise. Leave this certification session with knowledge of the science behind functional balance training, the teaching skills to accommodate all levels of fitness, and new tools and ideas.

Exercise is Medicine® Credential - Ask any doctor about exercise and they will tell you that their patients don't get enough of it. Ask any fitness professional and they will complain that doctors don't know how to
 refer their patients to them. This preconference workshop teaches participants how Exercise is Medicine® is bridging that gap as a multiorganizational (ACSM, ACE, MFA) platform that connects doctors and fitness professionals in local communities and prepares participants to receive patient referrals from their local physicians. Participants who successfully complete the course and pass the exam at the end of the course will receive the Exercise is Medicine® Credential.

5. Celebrate 20 Years!

Last but not least - this year marks the 20th anniversary of ACSM's Health & Fitness Summit & Expo. We'll kick-off this year's event with a welcome reception and giveaways! Celebrate with us as we get ready for another great year that we hope will leave you inspired, motivated and eager to share all that you learned!

The next early bird registration special ends February 10 - view registration details to learn more!

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