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Blog / 2016 / January / The Cycle of Successful Outcomes
January 24, 2016

The Cycle of Successful Outcomes

by Admin

Over the past decade, the medical community has significantly increased its recommendations for exercise as part of a prescriptive plan to improve health outcomes in patients. What's more, according to a report published by the CDC National Center for Health Statistics, overweight patients are nearly five times more likely to participate in exercise if it is prescribed by a doctor, and even more likely to do so if the doctor follows up with them about the exercise. As Exercise is Medicine (EIM) becomes more popular, health care providers are in search of safe and motivational fitness solutions that utilize technology to simplify reporting on patient performance. In addition, health care systems are looking to refer patients to EIM credentialed fitness professionals to implement these solutions.

In response to this need, leading fitness manufacturer and EIM corporate partner, Technogym, has developed cloud-enabled fitness and wellness equipment, including a new indoor cycling line that allows health care providers to monitor patients during exercise. Technogym's Group Cycle Connect is a simple, turn-key solution for wellness and health centers that provides exercisers with all of the benefits of a technologically advanced group exercise experience, while allowing certified health professionals to monitor key health indicators in real time, or before and after the workout.

Indoor cycling is a low-impact aerobic workout that is suitable for people of many ages and abilities. It incorporates an activity that most people already know how to do, and doesn't require the coordination involved in aerobics. The social nature of an indoor cycling class motivates people to engage with the fitness community. The Group Cycle Connect system furthers this community connection through data-driven competition, motivational multi-media options and real-time instructor interaction.

When users enter a class with Technogym's Group Cycle Connect, they simply log in to their mywellness account on the console which is connected to the Group Cycle Connect via RFID or a QR code. As the rider performs the workout, training data is sent from the console to the instructor's UNITY SELF Kiosk via Wi-Fi. The Group Cycle App allows the trainer to control the video screen to display data, videos, music and motivational graphics. On an individual level, the rider's data is sent to their mywellness account on the cloud for personal use, or to share with a personal trainer or health care provider. The information can be aggregated over time and displayed in simple charts and graphs, so health care professionals and trainers can keep an eye on trends and progress.

Suddenly each rider is a part of an integrated web of cloud-connected data that can be harnessed by the instructor as a powerful tool for motivation, feedback and analysis. The system is also refreshingly simple for the facility to setup and maintain. Its cloud-based design is largely unrestricted by wires and connections, so fitness centers can make the most of their exercise space.

Thanks to Technogym's Group Cycle Connect, health care providers can now prescribe an exercise program that blends motivational fitness, community interaction and performance reporting like never before.

Learn more about the EIM Credential here. 

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