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Blog / 2018 / April / Striving for Certification: Success at 60!
April 26, 2018

Striving for Certification: Success at 60!

by Susie Ripley

You know how they say that 60 is the new 40? My name is Susie Ripley, and I sure hope that is TRUE, because here I am at 60, contemplating what to do with my life...next. I have always said that your feet face forward, so you should always move in that direction, however, reflecting back on life has its advantages too.

As a Life and Community Coach, for the last 10 plus years, I am constantly asking people if they can remember a time that they felt aligned, happy and excited. When I asked myself those same questions recently, I immediately went back 10 years to a time when I was in the Health and Wellness industry. Working in Houston as the Health and Wellness Director of a large YMCA was one of the most challenging, yet rewarding times of my professional career. Every day I was excited about the work I did and fascinated by the science that was constantly coming out about fitness and health and the people I served. While I was in the industry as a fitness practitioner, at the beginning of my 20 year plus career, I was in management, programming and directing the practitioners. While the YMCA's have good training protocols, and in fact I was a faculty trainer for the YMCA of the USA Personal Training Program, I always looked to ACSM as the Gold Standard when evaluating protocols or had any question regarding protocols. Each year I would attend the ACSM Summit and could hardly wait until the next year's Summit. I always thought that if I had the money and the time, I would become ACSM certified. I believe now, as I believed then, that there is no better or comprehensive certification.

So when faced with another change in professional direction, I asked myself, why not now? What is stopping me? With the barriers out of the way, I am now embarking on a journey that will challenge me, to be sure, but also is making me feel more excited and alive, than I have felt …. In a LONG time! So, pass or fail, I will share with you my journey, in obtaining my ACSM CPT. I have no idea what this 60 year old will face with the challenges back into the Health and Wellness world, but I am willing to be transparent and share them with you. I have some fears, to be sure, but I am committed to pushing past them so that I can do what I am always encouraging and trying to inspire others to do… LIVE THE BEST LIFE EVER!

So…here we go!!


Susie is skilled in engaging and facilitating problem solving and discussions with Mayors, City Planners, and Commissioners at all levels of local government for the State of Indiana under Lt. Governors Skillmann, Ellspermann, Holcomb and Crouch.

Ms. Ripley has passion and skill in bringing people together to talk about ways to help communities build capacity, organize and manage change through community coaching in economic development, problem solving and strategic planning.


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