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ACSM Exam Preparation Webinars

To meet candidates' busy lifestyle, ACSM offers convenient webinars that allow candidates to prepare for their certification exam at home. Learn and study at your own pace during the 6-week webinar series. Single sessions are also available but if you register for the series and miss a class, no worries - audio and PowerPoint presentations are available following each webinar for 6 months. Choose your interest below to learn more.

Health and Fitness Webinars

ACSM webinars are available for the exam preparation of all three health and fitness certifications.

Personal Trainer    

Clinical Webinars

Currently, ACSM only offers a webinar for the Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist exam.

Clinical Exercise Specialist

Specialty Webinars

Webinars are available for the Cancer Exercise Trainer and Inclusive Fitness Trainer exams.

Cancer Exercise Trainer  Inclusive Fitness Trainer

Hear it from the experts!
   A sneaky way of getting someone to do thirty minutes of walking per day is to ask clients to take a 10-minute walk after each meal. They feel better, tend to eat less, and are meeting the minimum requirements for exercise and health!   
Kelly Drew, M.S.
ACSM Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist
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May 10, 2018

Is the Ketogenic Diet a Quick Fix to Weight Loss?

The ketogenic diet may not be the quick fix to weight loss that individuals are looking for. Typically, the diet only works for weight loss in the short term, and it can be unhealthy.

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