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How many ACSM CECs have I earned?

ACSM is no longer tracking CECs in your acsm.org profile with the exception of:
• ACSM Summit
• ACSM Annual Meeting
• ACSM Advanced Team Physician Course

All CECs earned through the online learning platform, Approved Providers or outside organizations will not appear in your acsm.org account. You are required to keep track of your CECs in your own records as well as your recertification requirements. Obtain documentation through the program administrator and keep for your records. You do not need to send any documentation, certificates or transcripts to ACSM unless they are requested by an ACSM staff member.

**Credits earned from ACSM Certified News Self-tests and ACSM Health and Fitness Journal Self-tests that are still valid and mailed into the ACSM National Office will appear in your acsm.org profile. Please keep track of these CECs in your own records as well for your recertification.


You do not need to turn in documentation for these programs to ACSM.

**If you have not created a login, use the first three letters of your last name followed by your ACSM ID number (i.e., member Smith; ACSM ID 123456 would use: smi123456).The password (unless you've changed it) is your ACSM ID number.

Please contact the ACSM Education Department at education@acsm.org if you have any questions.

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