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How can I track the CECs I have earned?

Certified Professionals can use this CEC Tracking Form to keep track of ACSM and non ACSM CECs earned or you can add them manually within our online learning platform at www.onlinelearning-acsm.org.  When logging into the system, you will have to create a new username and password. The site is hosted outside of our database so all new users will have to create a new login. Once you log in, from the home page (top left hand corner) click "MY COURSES". When that page loads, click "ADD CECS/CEUS MANUALLY" (bottom right hand side). You still need to keep copies of your documentation in case you are audited in the future.

This online learning platform is for your records only. It is for you to keep track of the CECs you have earned. It does not "speak" to ACSM's certified professional database and does not automatically renew your certification. You still must fill out the certification renewal form when it is time for you to renew and enter in the total number of CECs you've earned. If you are audited in the future, you will have to show proof of those CECs (the online learning log cannot be used as proof).

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