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Intrinsic Motion Workshops

Intrinsic Motion Inc. (IM™) was founded on evidence-based research affirming that knowledge of the human intrinsic biomechanical structure is essential for all forms of movement analysis and exercise prescription.

Intrinsic Motion Inc. utilizes this research to train Intrinsic Biomechanists™ across the globe via an innovative and premier-level education program. From Olympic Athletes and professional sports teams to the completely sedentary population, the benefits from this robust, scientific model are the same: People moving more freely, with less pain and lower risk of injury.

These courses are offered through Intrinsic Motion, Inc. in cooperation with ACSM. 

In a Group Exercise class format without the screening component, unique corrective exercise techniques are taught in accordance with the IM™ intrinsic biomechanics model. As well as being a stand-alone class, these techniques can also be added to warm-up and cool-down phases of any group exercise modality.

The adoption of these corrective exercise techniques has been proven to increase the effects of the class itself, while mitigating potential injuries due to flawed intrinsic biomechanics.

CECs Available: 8.0 ACSM CECs (0.8 ACE, 8.0 BOC)

Cost: $165.00

This course is an introduction to becoming an Intrinsic Biomechanist™. Successful learners will attain competency in four intrinsic biomechanical screens and the corresponding corrective exercise techniques. You will be able to immediately implement this foundational and preparatory system with your existing personal training or coaching practices and your client's will experience the benefits almost immediately, too!

CECs Available: 8.0 ACSM CECs (0.8 ACE, 8.0 BOC)

Cost: $165.00

The Intrinsic Biomechanist™ L1 certification program will completely change the way you work with your clients. With a revolutionary approach grounded in science, you will be able to screen, prepare, condition & progress your clients in a manor that will provide them with unprecedented function, strength and stability. The education is completed with a practical exam and successful learners will be awarded the Intrinsic Biomechanist™ L1 certificate with CEC's.

Each certified learner will be competent in performing our fundamental 8 Intrinsic Biomechanics screens and the corresponding corrective exercises/ release techniques. The work focuses on the pelvis, spine, and shoulder girdle. At Intrinsic Motion, we consider these the fundamental areas of motion. When these areas of the body lack normal mobility it's very easy for compensation to occur. Our goal in delivering this eduction is primarily geared toward assisting personal trainers increase the tools in their toolbox. These tools will improve the trainers PT practice, and exercise prescription skills.

CECs Available: 16.0 ACSM CECs (1.6 ACE, 16.0 BOC)

Cost: $495.00

Our most popular course and the one that kicked off intrinsic biomechanics education! This 4-day, level 2 course comprises extensive study and review of anatomy and physiology and in-depth teaching of our patented MSAC principles (Muscle-Release, Stretch, Antagonist and Conditioning), as well as our Normalize, Stabilize and Functionalize phases of training. Sixteen screens are taught, along with corresponding corrective exercise techniques and practical exam must be completed prior to attaining Level 2 certification.

CECs Available: 32.0 ACSM CECs

Cost: $995.00

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