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Other ACSM Certifications

ACSM has offered certifications since 1975. We have a few certifications that are still active and renewable, but are no longer certifying new professionals with these specific certifications.

ACSM Program Director

The ACSM Program Director (PD) was the highest level of certification in the clinical track. This certification is directed toward professionals whose primary responsibilities are developing and directing safe and effective clinical exercise programs. The PD certification requires significant increase in breadth and depth of knowledge and experience in graded exercise testing, exercise prescription, exercise leadership, patient counseling, and education in clinical exercise programs. 

ACSM Health Fitness Director

The ACSM Health Fitness Director (HFD) was the highest level of certification in the fitness track. The HFD certification provides professionals with recognition of their practical experience and demonstrated competence as an administrative leader of health and fitness programs in the corporate, commercial, or community setting in which apparently healthy individuals and individuals with controlled disease participate in health promotion and fitness related activities. The professional responsibilities of an HFD encompass an advanced knowledge of applied exercise physiology, exercise programming, emergency procedures and safety, program administration, staff training and supervision, as well as overall facility and program management. 

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