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2018 ACSM Group Exercise Instructor Exam Changes


Q: Will the Group Exercise Instructor (ACSM-GEI) have a new exam content outline in 2018?

A: Yes. The 2010 GEI JTA will remain in effect until December 2, 2018. Starting December 3, 2018, ACSM-GEI exam candidates will be tested on the 2018 ACSM-GEI exam content outline.

Q: How do I prepare to take the new exam?

A: Candidates should be familiar with Guideline of Exercise Testing and Prescription, 10th Edition (GETP 10) and current ACSM position stands, consensus statements, and related industry white papers related to the ACSM-GEI JTA.

ACSM preparation resources can be found here: click here.

Q: What will change on the ACSM-GEI exam?

A: Please review the ACSM-GEI 2010-2018 crosswalk document to see high-level changes to the certification program.

Q: What are the key changes to 10th Edition of ACSM's Guidelines to Exercise Testing and Prescription (GETP 10)?

A: An overview of the substantive changes to the industry can be found in the Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription, 10th Edition (GETP 10); e.g., exercise preparticipation screening algorithm, exercise prescription for healthy populations, behavioral theories and strategies for promoting exercise.

  • A pre-recorded webinar of key changes to GETP 10 can be found be found here.
  • Overview of the updated exercise preparticipation health screening can be found here.
  • Application of ACSM's Updated Exercise Preparticipation Health Screening Algorithm can be found here.
  • Purchase GETP 10 from Wolters Kluwer here.


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