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November 27, 2017

F-IT: The Business of Fitness. How to grow your business with a team of 1 and a budget of none!

by KK Hart

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Q- As a trainer, I believe our physical appearance is one of our very best marketing tools. To that end, do you advise trainers to make sure they're in great physical shape themselves?
I highly recommend that we practice what we preach so yes, absolutely! I also think it's important to be authentic to our human-ness and imperfections, so we can truly connect with people and open ourselves up to being vulnerable and true to who we are. We are not perfect, but we are meant to be our best self, so we can help clients to be the same!

Q- Do you have any resources that you utilize that you recommend for finding our strengths (lists, charts, etc.)? Thank you!
Yes, I recommend the StrengthsFinder 2.0 analysis, as well as the book Go put your strengths to work by Marcus Buckingham

Q- Have you seen that Corporate Wellness/Fitness is more difficult for social marketing due to HIPPA and GINA law barriers with confidentiality.
I have seen that the perception of confidentiality can limit the ability to market, but I truly believe we simply need to have a strategy in place and then we can overcome event that with tools such as an agreement to share their story (if the client is willing) and a way to ask clients to submit their own testimonials so there is a trail of acknowledgment!

Q- I know we talked about how to create value in order to retain clients, but do you think it's important to have sales experience or sales knowledge?
I think it depends on the team member in question. All team members need to be customer centered and have an understand of basic customer service but the true sales ability can be reserved for whomever handles customer/lead inquiries etc. But to be clear, I think there is a level and element of "sales" that all team members can learn... and I know it's possible!

Q- If you are just starting a small business, will it hurt your relationships with friends and family if you reach out to them concerning your services that you truly believe will help them in some way?
I believe this is a fine line- if your friends and family know what you do (and they know you!), that is simply enough for them to make a decision if they desire. I never believe in "selling" anyone anything they don't desire!

Q- Do you have any strategies or advice on how to generate local PR? Reach out to the local TV or newspaper health reporters? Any other suggestions?
I have SO many! Utilize your local contacts, research columns that pertain to your vertical. Follow them on Twitter. Be persistently patient and strategic and the right opportunity will open up! I have a whole manual for this I'd love to share with you!

Q- Recommendations on the best ways to utilize Instagram and hashtags in social media?
I recommend being clear on your target audience and "following" who they follow, utilizing the hashtags that resonate with them. Instagram is only effective when it's a conversation focused on engagement and if it's strategic!


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