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Frequently Asked Questions

General Certification Questions

What is the best certification for me? Where can I find the Candidate Handbook?What is the Code of Ethics for ACSM Certified Professionals?I am a NIRSA member. Do I get discounts with ACSM?  What happened to the Health Fitness Specialist (HFS) and Clinical Exercise Specialist (CES) certifications? Does ACSM support or advocate for licensure of exercise professionals?

Examination Questions

How can I register for an exam? What should I expect when taking the exam?How will I know what is on the exam? Can I cancel/reschedule my exam?How can I find a list of places to take an exam in my area? What is the retest policy?
After completing the exam, when will I receive my results? How are the exams scored?

Study Materials, Workshop and Webinar Questions 

Am I required to attend a workshop or webinar?Can I cancel/transfer my workshop or webinar registration? How do I find the schedule of workshop and webinars? Do I need CPR certification before attending a workshop? What study materials are available to help me prepare?What is the difference between the GEI workshop and the GEI webinar? Do I need to register and attend both? Have there been updates to any of the current ACSM study materials?

Recertification and Continuing Education Questions

After I earn my certification, what are the requirements for recertification? Can I use CECs earned from other organizations?How do I get CECs for college courses? How many ACSM CECs have I earned?How can I track the CECs I have earned?May I submit my CPR, BLS or ACLS certification for CECs? What should I do with all of my CEC documentation? What if I don't have enough CECs to recertify? What if I have multiple ACSM certifications to renew?

(more recertification FAQs)

Veteran and Military Questions

I am a Veteran. Are there any special opportunities for me?Does ACSM work with military spouses and the MyCAA program?

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