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The following ACSM materials have had updates or corrections made.

The information that has been added or corrected is underlined.


ACSM's Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription (10th edition)

  • Page vi: Tenth Edition, 2017
  • Page xvi: John M. Jakicic, PhD, FACSM, ACSM-CEP, ACSM-ETT
  • Page 7 - Table 1.2, column 2 heading should be "Evidence for a Dose-Response Relationship"
  • Page 36 - Figure 2.3, Step 1 header should be "SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS"
  • Page 36 - Figure 2.3 Step 1 should include "___ known heart murmur"
  • Page 70 - Table 4.1, the less than/equal to symbol should be included in the middle column header before the values and the greater than symbol should be included before the values in the right column header
  • Page 86 - Field Tests, "An alternative is to measure a 10-s HR (multiply by 6 for BPM) immediately on completion of the 1-mi (1.6 km) walk..."
  • Page 99 - the copyright year for the table is 2013.
  • Page 152 - Table 6.3 title: VO2max should be VO2.
  • Page 152 - Table 6.3 legend: VO2, volume of oxygen consumed per unit of time.
  • Page 168 - Table 6.6: Intensity row should not include ranges in parentheses. 
  • Page 193 - FITT Recommendations For Older Adults: The Time row of the Resistance column should be 8-10 exercises involving the major muscle groups
  • Page 429 - The Beta-Blockers and CCB rows should both refer to Section I, Cardiovascular Medications.



ACSM's Certification Review (5th edition)

  • Updates will be listed here.







ACSM's Resources for the Exercise Physiologist: A Practical Guide for the Health Fitness Professional (2nd edition)

  • Updates will be listed here.







ACSM's Resources for the Personal Trainer (5th edition)

  • Page 337 - Rockport 1-Mile Walk Test Procedures, "Immediately at the end of the 1-mile walk, the client counts the recovery HR (or pulse) for 10 seconds and multiplies by 6 to determine a 1-minute recovery HR (bpm)."
  • Page 436 - Figure 15.10, "Extremely light" should appear slightly lower, between the 7th and 8th ratings.
  • Page 555 - the last two full sentences on the page should read: Some major advantages for these types of exercise modalities are that they are inexpensive, can be done at home, and take up minimal space. Additional benefits are that they can promote kinesthetic awareness and help improve balance (102).





ACSM's Health-Related Physical Fitness Assessment Manual (5th edition)

  • Updates will be listed here.


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